Extensive Template LibraryNuclei offers a vast collection of community-powered templates for targeted scans of various vulnerabilities and attack vectors.
Versatile Target SpecificationSupport for various target specification options, such as URLs, IP ranges, ASN range, and file input, allowing flexibility in defining the scanning scope.
Bulk ScanningPerform bulk scanning by specifying multiple targets at once, enabling efficient scanning of a large number of assets or websites.
Flexible CustomizationCustomize scanning templates to fit specific needs, allowing tailored scanning and focusing on relevant security checks.
Parallel ScanningSupports parallel scanning, reducing scanning time and improving efficiency, especially for large-scale targets.
Comprehensive Reporting cloudGenerates detailed reports with actionable insights, including vulnerability details, severity levels, affected endpoints, and suggested remediation steps.
Integration with CI/CD PipelinesSeamlessly integrate Nuclei into CI/CD pipelines for automated security testing as part of the development and deployment process.
CI/CD Integration cloudActively maintained and developed by the ProjectDiscovery team, introducing new features, bug fixes, and enhancements to provide an up-to-date scanning framework.
Ticketing integration cloudTwo-way ticketing integration with Jira, Splunk, and many others to easily remediate and retest vulnerabilities.
Customizable Output FormatConfigure the output format of Nuclei’s scan results to suit your needs, including options for JSON, YAML, and more.
Dynamic VariablesUtilize dynamic variables in templates to perform parameterized scanning, enabling versatile and flexible scanning configurations.
Inclusion and Exclusion FiltersApply inclusion and exclusion filters to specify targets, reducing scanning scope and focusing on specific areas of interest.
Authentication SupportNuclei supports various authentication mechanisms, including HTTP basic authentication, JWT token authentication, and more.
Embedding custom code in templates alphaExecute custom code within Nuclei templates to incorporate user-defined logic, perform advanced scanning actions, and more.